The Benefits of Private Piano Lessons: Unlocking the Power of Personalized Instruction

In a world where group classes and online tutorials are increasingly popular, the allure of private piano lessons remains strong. For those lucky enough to study under esteemed pianists like Naira Shahsouvarian, with her 30 years of experience, the advantages are crystal clear. But why is one-on-one instruction so sought after, especially in the realm of piano playing? Let’s dive into the manifold benefits of private piano lessons.

Tailored Instruction to Individual Needs

  • Personalized Approach: Unlike group lessons where a teacher caters to the general needs of several students, private lessons are tailored specifically to one individual. This means the pace, methods, and materials used are chosen to best suit the student’s unique learning style.
  • Focus on Strengths and Weaknesses: Private instructors, like Naira Shahsouvarian, can easily identify a student’s strong points and areas that need improvement, dedicating time to nurture both.

Immediate Feedback and Correction

  • Instant Guidance: Mistakes can be spotted and rectified in real-time during a private lesson. This helps students avoid developing bad habits that can be tough to break in the future.
  • Boost in Confidence: Receiving immediate positive reinforcement helps build confidence, making students more eager to tackle challenging pieces or techniques.

Greater Flexibility in Scheduling

  • Convenience: With one-on-one sessions, it’s often easier to find a mutually agreeable time for both student and teacher.
  • Consistent Progress: Regularly scheduled private lessons ensure consistent progress, as students can pick up right where they left off in the previous session.

Deep Dive into Specific Genres or Techniques

  • Personal Musical Interests: Want to delve into jazz improvisation or master classical concertos? Private lessons can be centered around a student’s particular interests, providing them a deeper and more fulfilling learning experience.
  • Advanced Techniques: Under the watchful eye of an experienced pianist, students can explore and master complex techniques that might be glossed over in group settings.

Enhanced Relationship with the Instructor

  • Building Trust: A close student-teacher bond fosters a safe environment where students feel comfortable expressing their concerns, asking questions, and seeking advice.
  • Inspiration and Motivation: Studying under a seasoned pianist can be incredibly inspiring. Their passion and expertise often serve as motivation for students to push their boundaries.

Learning Beyond the Keys

  • Musical Theory and History: In private sessions, students often get the chance to delve deeper into the theory behind the music, understanding the context and history of the pieces they’re playing.
  • Performance Techniques: With personalized attention, students can learn the nuances of performing, from posture and hand positioning to mastering stage presence.


The benefits of private piano lessons are immense, offering a personalized and comprehensive approach to mastering the instrument. For those fortunate enough to have instructors like Naira Shahsouvarian, the journey of learning becomes not just educational, but also deeply inspiring.

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